Get Involved

Growth-for-All is a collaborative movement that aims to involve as many people as possible…… passionate individuals, corporates, NGOs, trade bodies, foundations and government. 

SO…lets get together!

There are several ways in which you could get involved with the “Growth-for-All” movement. As a starting point, indicate your area of interest by selecting one or more of the items below, and uploading the information( or file) in the box provided.

How can Corporations get involved?

The collaborative and integrated nature of Growth-for-All ensures greater impact and success for participating corporations.

  1. Business Linkages: our communities can be effective, low-cost production or back-office locations for corporations. Also, potential hiring sources.
  2. CSR: companies gain immensely by dovetailing their CSR efforts into the integrated framework.
  3. Employee volunteering & donating old products

How can Individuals, Foundations & Governments get involved?

  • Would you like to contribute an article?
  • Saw an interesting news-item that you’d like to share?
  • Maybe a photograph or video-clip that is highly engaging?
  • Is there a fascinating person or organisation that you’d like to recommend we talk to?

Alternatively, if you can help in one of these other ways:

  • Could you help in organising PR for some of our initiatives?
  • Are there corporates who are keen on CSR, whom you could refer us to?
  • Or is there help you could provide with fund-raising, from interested individuals or organizations?
  • Volunteer your time in other ways.
  • ‘Own a Program’: Support an entire program.
  • ‘Own a Community’: Support the integrated program in a community of your choice.