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My name is Srikant Sastri. I live in Delhi.

I would be delighted if you lent your ideas & energy to the ‘Growth-for-All’ movement.

A bit about myself and why I am passionate about the ‘Growth-for-All’ movement.

I graduated from IIT and IIM 23 years ago - determined to stay in India -and equally determined not to go into the usual banking and consulting careers that a lot of people did. Instead, I wanted to build my own entrepreneurial venture.

After ten years in sales, marketing and advertising, a group of us set up India’s first marketing services company in 1995.  By 2006 we were India’s largest marketing services firm – ‘Solutions’ – executing projects in hundreds of towns and deploying several thousand people, in India and SEA.

By then, our second company - ‘Team4U’ - employed close to 15,000 people and deputed them as contract sales-persons to clients who needed this service. Soon we had global majors Publicis Groupe (France-based marketing communications group) and Randstad Holding (Dutch staffing firm) taking a position in the two companies.

Today, I provide strategic leadership & organizational vision at Solutions-Digitas, and am the chairperson for Vivaki India . I am simultaneously engaged in this massive social initiative, Growth-For-All, that aims to transfer business best-practices to the social sphere. For instance,

  • Can business lessons of rapid growth, massive scale of implementation, managing complex teams in the face of adversity and limited resources be extended to challenging developmental problems in our society?
  • Can lessons learnt in successful marketing communication be used to achieve specific objectives while communicating to citizens?
  • Can years of experience in selling practical solutions to corporates be relevant in offering them guidance in deploying CSR now?

By working with, and engaging a large number of corporates and individuals, I am  passionate about making the “Growth-for-All” movement a success.

After traveling extensively, and spending time with NGOs and Corporates, a working model for a national-level, collaborative, scaleable model is ready. The first ‘pilot’ project was rolled out in 2008, in partnership with the Chief Minister’s Office, for ‘Urban Poor’ in Delhi. The second ‘pilot’, for ‘Rural Poor’, is slated for a 2009 roll-out in Jharkhand.

It has been exhilirating to work with good friends like Samir Arora, Hemu Javeri, Ajit Chaudhuri, Deven Taneja and organisations like Dr Reddy’s Foundation, TCS, and others to make these plans a reality.

Simultaneously, as an active member of CII’s Sub-Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility, and TiE’s Social Development SIG, I am working with several passionate individuals and organisations to explore innovative strategies in the social sector.

I  genuinely welcome your collaboration and participation- as an individual, or as an organization.


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