Mayawati’s interesting experiment

Sensible government & politics !

After BSP’s stunning success in forging an unbeatable Dalit-upper caste alliance in UP, the real question was whether Mayawati could sustain the momentum via sensible governance & politics.
Last week’s UP announcement of 30% reservation in private sector – not by dictat, but with dangled carrots – offers real evidence that she possibly can. The issue of private-sector reservations.. which has inflamed passions & generated heated debates, has for the first time, seen a pragmatic solution being offered.
Indian Express, in its lead story last week, described this as a “unique give & take formula”.

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  1. Kamal Says:

    It will interesting to see just how many businesses actually grab the carrot. Reservations based on merit has been denied by the government as well as govt organizations far too long in the guise of government policies.

    Now is the real test - Will the private sector take a stand and insist on reservation basis merit or will crass capitalism win the day? I sincerely hope for the former!

    Growth-for-All gains relevance in situations like this.

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